Friday, January 24, 2014

2014 Moomba Boats Boat Buyer's Guide App Available

Find out why Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats is synonymous with fun and performance on the water with the Moomba 2014 Boat Guide. Explore each of Moomba’s 2014 wake boats including the Outback V, Mobius LSV, Mojo 2.5 and its new little brother the Mondo. Interactive photo galleries, in-depth descriptions and fun video will introduce you to the Moomba Boats 2014 line. Once you have adjusted your attitude to “No Worries” with Moomba boats and selected your value-class wake model of choice, use the built-in dealer locator to schedule a test drive. Download the Moomba 2014 Boat Guide from the App Store. You can also access the Moomba 2014 Boat Guide from the App Store on the web.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moomba Mondo blends stylish looks and top-notch surf!

Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats wanted to share this article from Boating Magazine about the all new Moomba Mondo.

Moomba’s all-new Mondo takes many of its cues from the popular Mojo 2.5, but at 2 feet shorter, it’s in a completely different size class that’s friendlier to size-restricted waterways, smaller tow vehicles and garage storage. Features and running surface similar to the Mojo’s mean the Mondo will handle surfers and wakeboarders well, and it’s luxuriously appointed for a value-class boat.

Monday, January 13, 2014

Boarders Magazine Article on Moomba Boats Flow Surf System

Check out this article from Boarders Magazine about the Moomba Boats @MoombaBoats Flow Surf, Surf System.

Another option for surf-boat buyers at an affordable price is the Moomba Flow Surf System, the first manual surf system on the market.  We wanted to learn more so we contacted Moomba Product Manager Matt Brown who is responsible for leading the team that develops all the Moomba products.  We were happy to find out that Matt has been wakesurfing for years; you can even see him in action in the movie "Scrubs of the South" riding an eight-foot foam surfboard back before most people had even heard of wakesurfing.  

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Download the 2014 Moomba Boats Catalog
The Moomba® Boats @MoombaBoats 2014 water sports boat catalog is now available for download in PDF format. [2014 Moomba® Boats Catalog] This fresh fun digital brochure definitely has the Moomba® "No Worries" vibe with just the right amount of detailed information. Photos, copy, specs as well as an extensive features and options list make their homes in this catalog. The themes of the catalog are the same as the Moomba® Boats brand; value, performance and reliability. Learn everything you want to know about value performance 2014 Moomba® boat models like the Outback V, the all new Mondo, the Mobius LSV and Mojo 2.5. Get an inside look at Moomba's award-winning construction quality and learn about Moomba's no worries ownership experience. The 2014 Moomba Boats Catalog will get your primed for summer, but if you want to get a real handle on value performance wake boating visit your local Moomba Boats Dealer or your local 2014 boat show for a printed copy.